Glee Hastings Haflingers


Welcome to Glee Hastings Haflingers!

Supporting and Promoting the Haflinger Breed & Drafts in the South!

We train and sell Top Quality Haflingers, Warmbloods, Draft Horses and Crosses in the great state of Texas, throughout the country and into Canada.  Our horses are among the top in the country and we only offer solid, safe and enjoyable horses with a proven track record of training and success. Our mission is information and providing buyers with as much information as possible to make sound, fact based decisions.  

Together Cody and Glee Hastings operate GHH, and we feel blessed and thankful everyday to be able to train and interact with these fine horses. Our farm is on 38 acres, conveniently located about an hour South of Dallas, Texas.

We update our website nearly weekly, so all information is up-to-date.  We'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to call or email.

    GHH is the Featured Western Dressage Photo in the  American Haflinger  Registry  Magazine! 

"No locker room speeches. No play books. No contracts or free agents. Not even a word spoken between teammates.  Doesn't that make it the greatest of all team sports?"

                                                                                                       - Horse magazine ad from decades ago

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