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LLF Double Down (aka "Pickle") - 2012 Registered ASHDA Gelding

This gelding has it all... beauty, brains and character to boot!! Pickle is registered with the American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Association and is a qualified Bronze Ambassador the breed.  He has halter wins as a youngster and now, I'm proud to say, has wins under saddle too!

Pickle is a special gelding. At only 5 years old, I would consider him an 'old soul'. He's very quite, particular at shows, but he has all of the flash and charisma for judges to fall in love.

We've had our first show together and he did fantastic.  We have lots more adventures ahead of us and will be focusing on Dressage, Western Dressage, Trails and Obstacle Courses. Stay tuned for lots of pictures, videos and updates to follow!!

Hunt Seat Under Saddle   

Pickle has a show-ring wins in Hunt Seat Under Saddle Open and Equitation! 

Western Dressage

Wow! What a fantastic Western Dressage debut! At his first Western Dressage show, Pickle scored 73.54%, 74.37% and 75.7% and won all 4 of his classes!  The judge adored him and her comments were "Beautiful Horse!", "Lovely" and "Awesome Ride".  Woohoo... what an awesome start!

Ground Manners

Just watch the video... trailer loading halter-less!! Another REALLY great quality is this guy absolutely gallops up to greet you!! Just whistle and he runs to the barn to greet you.  So, he's definitely an easy catch in the pasture!  He'll also politely back away from feed tub and wait for the cue to eat!  Other items he can 'check off the list': easy to clip, bath, ties good, knows quite a few lunging cues for speed and changes of direction and he also side passes and pivots from the ground!

Trailer loading halterless

Feeding Time Manners

Easiest Horse Ever to Catch!

On the Trail

Wow! We had the unique opportunity to take Pickle on his first trail ride and he rocked! He went through creek crossings, up wash-outs, down wash-outs, over bridges, galloped through open fields and wound through the trees in the woods.  It was an absolute blast!!  We trotted away from the group, rejoined friends, followed in the group and led the way.  Lots of pictures and videos to follow!

Baby Pics!

General Information

General Info
  • DOB: 6/14/12 
  • Height: sticked at 15.2hh
  • Because we bought him from the breeder, we have his complete history... he has no history of colic, founder or other illness
  • Up to Date on Coggins, Vaccinations, De-Worming and Farrier
  • Pickle has healthy, strong hooves, he's barefoot and has never been shod
  • Pickle is turned out 24/7 in good weather and stalled during storms. He has no pasture or stall vices.

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